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Useful News 

Useful News

Cashless payments of vending water dispenser business

Publish Date 2017-11-30
It is clear that cashless payments for vending water dispenser are the future and that one day we may live in a fully cashless society.The way this affects the vending water dispenser is obvious, but for those of you who are in a business which doesn’t require payments – as for many water dispenser and office coffee service operators, the provision of water is a free service for its customers – remember that the same technologies used to collect money can also be used to collect data.

So it’s not just about cash, its about using technology to learn who uses your vending water dispensers, and their preferences… and that’s the real future, as it not only affects the customer experience, but also potential improves the efficiency – and therefore the profitability of your business.

Mix the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the plethora of increasingly affordable sensors that enable interactivity into the design of the vending water dispensers, coffee and vending machines and you can control a new future where the value of your business is held in the data – which provides a deep understanding of your customers and their end-users.

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