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Group News 

Group News

How To Clean The Water Dispenser Filter

Publish Date 2022-01-07
Water dispenser filter cleaning steps:

1, the filter section to separate the upper and lower, with a clean tap water on the filter at the same time, you can use a clean brush the teeth of the new toothbrush to brush the surface.

2, the filter will be built about half pot of water, the upper and lower force shaking filter several times, pour the remaining water, you can reciprocate several times, so that the filter microporous flow.

3, the filter will be filled with tap water, with the palm of your hand up and down the mouth, so that the next filter jitter, and make tap water clean filter material. Repeated several times until the tap water flowing out from the lower filter is clear.

4, and finally clean the drinking fountains heating / cooling room, this step is relatively simple, it is recommended that you can be installed in the water on the water container on the container (not filled), unscrew the drainage plug, with a bowl from the drainage hole Out of the water, repeated several times can be.

Filter water dispenser features:

1, energy saving. Filter water dispenser compared with the traditional drinking fountains, reducing electricity consumption and water consumption. Traditional drinking fountains in the water after cooling to drink, filter water dispenser internal heat exchange, to avoid the repeated heating caused by power consumption, in the same water consumption situation, the filter water dispenser than traditional drinking fountains 80%.

2, easy to operate. Filter water dispenser internal automatic cycle, the user does not need to replace their own pure water, waiting for water to boil; open the faucet, immediately water, direct drinking, the use of more convenient.

3, health and safety. All piping is completely closed, no secondary pollution, and water heating process will not be lost oxygen. Drink this water, more conducive to good health.

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