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Group News 

Group News

Best had launched its eco-friendly water dispenser

Publish Date 2022-01-11
As everyone konws, 2014 saw the passing into EU law of the F-Gas regulation. The purpose of this regulation is to limit the use of so-called F-Gases. These F-Gases include the most widely used refrigerant in the drinking water dispenser industry – R134a.

The use of R134a in drinking water dispensers for EU customers has been banned since 1 January 2015, with a similar ban for commercial customers coming into effect on 1 January 2022.

Following extensive development and field testing, Best has launched the ecological drinking water dispensers. The entire removable reservoir family of water dispensers – bottle and mainsfed – can now be supplied with the environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant isobutane (R600a). Best has independently and successfully tested the drinking water dispenser against all European safety standards related to the use of flammable refrigerants.

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