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Group News 

Group News

Cleaning procedure for water dispensers

Publish Date 2022-01-01
Now, all kinds of home appliances go into a large number of families, however, the popularity of electrical appliances has also increased a variety of bacteria transmission, to create new health hazards.

Water dispenser is the use of the work principle of air pressure in the water at the same time, the same amount of the air also entered the water dispenser. According to the survey, even in a clean environment, the air also has 4000 / M3 around bacteria.

Experts point out that exist in indoor air carbon monoxide and toxic smoke and airborne dust and microorganisms, will be brought into the air so polluted raw water dispenser in pure water. Water micro-organisms, such as algae and bacteria breeding over time, will reach levels harmful to human health, leading to secondary pollution of drinking water dispensers.

According to the Beijing authorities on the use of bottled water, household sample survey, about 40% of households have never cleaned water dispenser, while the cleaned 87% of the households only own a simple scrub about not reach the health standards. Some studies have shown that once contaminated drinking water dispensers, drinking water, and then there is no pure use, drinking water dispensers only cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis in order to protect the health and safety for drinking. Under normal circumstances, the use of bottled water, usually for two weeks or so, the best for a week, for up to a month, while the water dispenser of cleansing and disinfection in general disinfectant once or twice a year is the best.

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